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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Beyond "pimping the internet" - Paratroopers making porn

While some soldiers channel their exhibitionism towards dating sites like, where they can flex and make friends (see "Pimping the Internet"), others channel their exhibitionism to make money.

Last week, seven soldiers from the 82nd Airborne division were charged with "knowingly engaging in sex for money on a public Web site." Three of the soldiers face being court martialed, having been charged with sodomy, pandering and engaging in sex acts for money. The remaining four soldiers received nonjudicial punishments including reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and extra duty.
CNN - Feb 24, 2006

That the paratroopers were making gay porn makes this case particularly lurid. The website where their pictures were shown is based in Fayetteville, which is adjacent to Fort Bragg, where the soldiers were based, and it specifically advertised “real military men” engaging sexually with other men. AVN, the trade journal for the adult entertainment industry, speculates
that the site is

This bizarre incident goes far beyond "don't ask, don't tell." Whether it is evidence that paratroopers are underpaid, over-sexed, or far more entrepreneurial than ever imagined, we can only guess. What it does do is display the nasty confluence of sex and violence we find so intriguing. Soldier as sex-symbol is a well established archetype. That warriors might get turned on by other warriors doesn't seem like much of a stretch.