Modern Mating

When Technology and the Sexes Collide

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cons confuse me

For those who cannot handle genuine intimacy, a romance with a fellow (or lady) behind bars may be just the ticket. You wind up with a pen pal who can spend hours crafting the most touching and caring love notes. Maybe, you even get to marry the convict of your dreams and enjoy a brief conjugal visit at the prison. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, imagine what metal bars must do!

Since it used to be difficult for a lady to find the serial killer or rapist of her dreams, there are now online dating sites where these relationships can begin, like: Sadly, it's not just garden variety burglars on these sites. Recently, a Seattle woman discovered that the man who was in jail for raping her was advertising on that dating site looking for a woman to "cherish and spoil" with his love. What's a violated woman to do? Complain to the Department of Corrections and to the Internet company who posted his ad.

Ironically, most online daters are fearful of running in to felons. There's even a dating site - - that screens its prospective members against a database of U.S. felony and sexual offense convictions.

That these two sites can exist in the same country shows just how complicated people can be. Some people happen to love a dingy, shapeless, prison uniform, while others prefer clothes with personality and good tailoring. Then again, maybe it's all about the handcuffs.