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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Celebrity email indiscretions

If you're going to flirt or cavort with someone other than your spouse, be extra careful with your emails. Charlie Sheen learned he should double-check the "send to" box when writing his favorite hooker. What a shame it was Denise Richards who received the email. Oops!
Charlie Sheen doesn't know how to send email

Heather Locklear, on the other hand, discovered an email sent to her husband, Richie Sambora, that contained "provocative" pictures of a woman who used to work as Richie's personal assistant. Getting naughty emails is very different from sending naughty emails. However, Heather had previously declared the woman off-limits, so the photos -- even if they were unsolicited -- were enough to make her run to a lawyer's office. Though he's probably a little bit guilty (then again, aren't we all?), if Richie hadn't asked for the pictures or the email, it means he's gotten two unexpected deliveries. 1) The email. 2) The divorce filing. Richie gets raunchy email and Locklear files for divorce

Of course, these women are not unique. If cheating were suspected, Symantec found that 40% of women would check their partner's email, and 60% of women would check their partner's text messages.