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When Technology and the Sexes Collide

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Craigslist - more than just couches for sale

So you're on Craigslist, looking to buy a chair, when all of a sudden you realize what you really want to buy is some time with a prostitute. It couldn't be easier to browse the ads for hundreds of escorts in the erotic services section. Whether you want some furniture or a hooker -- BUYER BEWARE!

Cops in various cities have been using Craigslist to bust both prostitutes and Johns. The most recent case is in Nashua NH, when several men were arrested after replying to a fake ad, and where several women were arrested after offering male officers sexual acts for money.
Prostitution Busts from Craigslist

At least the Nashua detectives weren't arresting the prostitutes after they had performed sexual services. A police force in Spotsylvania VA got in trouble last week when it was revealed that detectives -- only single male detectives -- had spent $1,200 at massage parlors in an effort to crack down on illegal sexual services. Detectives visited the Moon Spa several times, and once left a $350 tip. The sheriff said all that contact and all that tipping was essential to gain a conviction. Uh, right. Maybe the county should deploy its undercover agents in a more productive and less titillating way.
Cops Go "Undercover" in Massage Parlor